One of the fan favorites over the years was actually one of the lightest women to grace us with her presence. Mistress Lia hovers between 185-195 lbs. And she is Thick with a capital T. We’re talking big ol’ thighs complete with cellulite and jiggle for days. What’s more is the fact that she packs a ton of power into that (relatively) little body of hers.

It’s funny how a 190 lb woman is considered tiny here.

Consider this, though.

Mz Fluff, another amazing woman who spends some time around Full Weight Productions, is nearly 5 times the weight of Mistress Lia. It’s easy to get complacent about just how heavy some of these women are in our lineup.

Anyhow, Mistress Lia is stunning… head to toe. I don’t recall where we initially crossed paths. My earliest remembrance¬†is from Facebook. I recall showing her some sample videos to test out her perceptions of the various ways we like to play with weight around here. When I’m showing a prospective model sample videos, I like to throw in a couple that are more extreme than I have experience with. I’m testing her out. Is she normal… in that she has a fear of hurting me? Or is she crazy… in that this woman would break me to pieces if completely I gave myself to her.

Needless to say, Mistress Lia fell in the latter camp. She’s not the first and she certainly won’t be the last. Each time I cross paths with a woman in this camp, I’m both excited and nervous at the same time. You have to keep in mind:

  1. Almost every single woman who has come to work for me on FWP had zero experience using her weight like this prior to our first shoot.
  2. The first shoot is also the first time I’m meeting these women. It’s not like we’ve built up this crazy amount of chemistry and trust in advance.

With that in mind, it can be a little sketchy when first meeting a woman who apparently has no fear when it comes to injuring me. Can I trust that she’ll listen to my mercies? Will she understand that the sample videos were just that… samples? That they’re not a permit to go and do the same thing to me in our shoot?

Of course when we finally come face to face, there’s some small talk exchanged. We have to sign some contracts. And it’s during this time where I’ll typically share what she should expect. In the case of Mistress Lia, her response was pretty much, “Yeah yeah yeah… I get it. Let’s get to it already.”


That first shoot was epic. We didn’t script anything out. I would simply pull out the board, for example, and say you can do whatever you want to me while I lay on this here piece of wood. Or I’d lay on the floor and tell her that this video should be mostly trampling. Up until this point in time, Mistress Lia was the heaviest woman to stand on my throat full weight. And of course, that was unscripted. She saw it in one of the sample videos and took it upon herself to step right up. Oomph. It was one of the closest times I’ve come to passing out without actually passing out.

She had the softest bottom half I had ever seen. I remember her sitting it softly down onto me at first while I was laying on the board. I recall how plush and cushiony it felt. I thought to myself, “Wow, this isn’t going to be too challenging actually.” Within seconds, though, Mistress Lia started jumping up into the air and slamming her softness down onto me full weight. I don’t care how soft the package is… when gravity pulls 190 lbs onto you at a high rate of speed… it’s brutal!

Mistress is pretty famous for her bounciness. She simply doesn’t know how to sit still. Makes for epic content. Jiggles and slams everywhere. But it also makes for a sore body. I’ve left her apartment bruised and battered. Always happy, though.

Anyhow, back to this first shoot. We’re wrapping up the final video. It was a board sitting video where she was forward straddling my throat. Let me tell you… those thighs make for the sort of ear muffs any man in his right mind would love to wear!

Needless to say, I was straight up whooped at this point. I had been sat on, jumped on, trampled, crushed, dropped, and flattened from every conceivable angle from this dominant goddess. I was sweaty. My eyes were bloodshot from the pressure. I had scratches on my neck and face. I looked worked over.

I was literally still laying on the bench after she had gotten off of me for the last time. It felt impossible to move. I knew that we had just captured some amazing content. I knew that I had just experienced memories that I’d never forget. And I knew that I wanted to work with her again in the future. But I could. Not. Move.

Then came a rapid knock at the door.

A jolt of adrenaline rushed through my veins. I’m very private about this part of my life. I mean, don’t get me wrong… something about getting squashed in public appeals to me like nothing else. But I’m not at a point in my personal evolution to go for it even though I’ve had offers. I certainly don’t want to be exposed to an unexpected party intra-shoot. It’s just too vulnerable of a position.

Wouldn’t you know, though, that Mistress Lia waltzed over to the door as if nothing was strange. It wasn’t strange that there was some strange white man sitting on a wooden plant with a black mast over his face. It wasn’t strange that there were 3 tripods with cameras on them pointing at the strange man. It wasn’t strange that Mistress Lia was looking sexy as hell in a leopard print nighty.

Mistress Lia flung open the door and in walks her neighbor from downstairs. Her neighbor, in her own right, was a big woman. Maybe 30-50 lbs heavier than Mistress Lia. And I get what you’re thinking… this is the stuff the dreams are made of. Call me a wimp if you must, but I was frozen. I felt shame, embarrassment, fear, etc. Plus, even if this woman did rip her clothes off and decide to jump onto me along with Lia (you know, the stuff dreams are made of), there’s no chance I’d last more than a matter of seconds. As I said… I was completely worked over at this point.

Anyhow, Mistress Lia welcomes her in and asks what’s going on. Her neighbor replies… and I shit you not:

“I had to come up and make sure things were good. I heard all sorts of moaning up here and my damn chandelier kept bouncing all around. I knew someone was getting into some serious shit up in here. Now I see it’s some freaky as shit.”

Mistress Lia’s response was priceless… and mind you I’m still 100% speechless sitting on the bench.

“Nah, nothing freaky. This is Steve. He likes having big girls jump around on him. Can you believe I just got paid to stand on this sexy man? He took it real good too. I’m gonna do it again. You want to join next time?”

The rest is history. There I sat… in silence… while the second shoot with MIstress Lia was planned. Only that second shoot, which we’ll save for another day, involved a second woman. Mistress Lia and Candy would be the first and only women to ever butt drop me so hard that they broke the board.

Only when you put yourself in these crazy ass positions do crazy ass events like this unfold. You want to experience this? You’ve got to get out of your comfort zone and meet people. There are all sorts of amazingly adventurous and outgoing people in the world. You just have to open yourself up to them on a real, human, respectful level and be open with them. Who are you? What do you want? What’s this all about?

I’ll never forget those crazy ass days when Mistress Lia was around. I’ve since lost touch with her, unfortunately. My original Facebook account was deleted, along with all of my contacts there. God forbid you post a picture of a big woman (not nude, btw!) standing on a smaller man. I’ve seen much, much worse on Facebook… but whatever. But I could never find her again and, believe it or not, that’s the only way we ever communicated.

If you’re reading this Mistress Lia, it’s time for shoot number 3. And I’m dying to meet who your neighbors are today?