Stage name: SSBBW Lexi
Height: 5′
Weight: 318 lbs (I’ve recently lost weight since my last shoot with FWP)
Foot size: 7.5 U.S.
Location: New Jersey, United States
Favorite foods: Pizza, McDonald’s cheeseburgers, and donuts
Favorite way to spend time: Reading, writing, and swimming
Greatest challenge to being your size: Anxiety to do things in everyday life
First squashing experience and your initial thoughts?: My experience was AMAZING! I was so shy and nervous in the beginning and had so many misconceptions of what squashing actually was that my fear took me a little longer to get comfortable. Matt continuously went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and he never pushed me further than what I felt comfortable with doing. After the first time I sat on Matt, it was actually starting to become fun! I never struggled with the fact that I was squashing someone after that, but I let the haters get to me. Whether it was other girls who were “jealous” or guys that wanted me to gain weight and were “mad” that it wasn’t happening fast enough. I struggled with self worth and I still sometimes do, but squashing opened up my eyes a lot and Matt really helped me develop a strong sense of self without even realizing he was doing so!
What do you enjoy the most about squashing?: Feeling powerful and beautiful all at the same time!
What is your favorite position when squashing?: Chestsitting!
What’s one form of squashing that you’re eager to try that you haven’t yet?: Maybe to master trampling finally!
Do you ever worry about injuring someone?:  Haha, oh yes. Especially when I was a lot bigger! I was always afraid that I would break Matt in half! He had to talk me down a bunch of times until I was comfortable enough! But I got there 🙂
Would you ever consider offering private squash sessions: I would only squash with Matt in the future.
Website or social media you’d like to share: No, sorry!

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