Stage name: Miss Sugar
Height: 5’8
Weight: 576.2 lbs
Foot size: 12 U.S.
Location: Earth
Favorite foods:  Chicken Chesapeake seafood, brownies, soft cookies, swedish fish, mochi and more.
Favorite way to spend time:  Eating, crafts, makeup, movies and festivals.
Greatest challenge to being your size:  Fitting in cars, walking long distances
First squashing experience and your initial thoughts?:  I had a boyfriend that used to want me to lay on him or sit on him. I was terrified. After I seen that he could handle my weight it became the norm.
What do you enjoy the most about squashing?:  I love watching the struggle besides. How often does someone ask you to squash them intentionally haha!
What is your favorite position when squashing?:  I like flopping/dropping. That way the person can feel every pound coming down on him.
What’s one form of squashing that you’re eager to try that you haven’t yet?:  I dont know. Any ideas?
Do you ever worry about injuring someone?:  Yes. I know I weigh way more then the average. If I land wrong in the right area it may be a wrap and I’ll have no one to squash.
Would you ever consider offering private squash sessions:  I haven’t really thought about that. I’ll never say never..
Website or social media you’d like to share:  Not at the moment. Maybe in the future.

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  1. martin

    offering the next squash full weight with belly jumps on the running victim then a full weight jump awaits the next update

    • admin

      Martin, are you saying you’d session with Sugar?


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