Stage name: Felicity
Height: 5’7
Weight: I hover between 160 and 170 pounds
Foot size: 9 U.S.
Location: U.S.
Favorite foods:  Chips, steak, french fries, cheesecake
Favorite way to spend time:  Shopping and watching movies.
Greatest challenge to being your size:  I don’t think this question really applies to me. I know a lot of the other women of FWP are much, much larger than me. I will say that I have gained over 30 lbs since first starting and I do get winded a lot more easily. I also have outgrown two wardrobes since I first started modeling.
First squashing experience and your initial thoughts?:  Honestly? My first experience was trampling and I thought I was going to kill him or break his ribs. He asked me to stand on his throat, jump on his ribs, and walk on his face. I didn’t know a body could handle such things. I also LOVED the power I had over him.
What do you enjoy the most about squashing?:  Whoops! Got ahead of myself in that last question. But what I enjoy most is absolutely the power and control. It’s hard to explain what it feels like to be looking down at a man’s face turning purple as a single foot applies every ounce of me into his throat.
What is your favorite position when squashing?:  This is a really tough one. I do love trampling but throat sitting is probably my favorite. I can sit on a man’s throat for an hour while I watch a movie and get my back rubbed.
What’s one form of squashing that you’re eager to try that you haven’t yet?:  I have seen images of women performing throat trampling and face trampling in high heels. It scares me a little because I know that could turn deadly in a hurry, but it’s something that also begs to be tried.
Do you ever worry about injuring someone?:  I did at first but never anymore.
Would you ever consider offering private squash sessions:  Unfortunately no. If circumstances were to change in the future than maybe. For now though I like to keep to my little comfort bubble.
Website or social media you’d like to share:  I don’t.

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  1. Robert Hooks

    One of my favorite models! I wish she did sessions, I’d let her sit on my throat for hours and hours.

    • admin

      Phew, can’t imagine it for hours and hours. I’ve done an hour… but admittedly she’d have to slide up to my chest for a minute or so throughout the experience. And the next day my eyes were puffy as hell from all the pressure with a lot of broken blood vessels.


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